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Bookkeeping is one of the worst parts of running a business. You’d much rather be out there making things happen and making money from your business. And because everyone hates bookkeeping most people end up doing it in the evenings and weekends.

Yet shouldn’t evenings and weekends be spent playing with the kids, spending time with you friends and loved ones or out on the golf course.

It is so important to keep the right records to keep you on the right side of the tax authorities. Tax authorities can charge you a penalty if your records are not as accurate, complete and readable. You may have to pay interest and penalties if your figures turn out to be wrong ad you haven’t paid enough tax. The tax authorities may check your records to make sure you’re paying the right amount of tax.

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Essentially things we do for you:

Posting all business bank transaction

We will post all receipts and payments for all business bank accounts including any paypal transactions.

Completing the bank reconciliation

Reconciling your bank account on a regular basis is critical. When you get to the year end, if this doesn’t reconcile your accounts will all be wrong. You could end up paying too much tax because you’ve missed allowable expenses. Or risk fees and penalties from the tax authorities because you’ve missed taxable income. So, we will reconcile you bank account at regular intervals.

Posting purchase invoices, expenses and cash transactions

We will post expenses to the correct expense codes, so you can obtain relevant financial information.

Credit card transactions and reconciliations

We post all transactions on your business credit card and reconcile the closing balance every month.

Completing the monthly sales and purchase ledger reconciliation

Your monthly purchases ledger reconciliation, so you know exactly what you owe at any point in time to your suppliers. The monthly sales ledger reconciliation so you know exactly who owes you money and how much you are owed at any point in time.

Completing the monthly sales tax reconciliation

To ensure your sales tax records are compliant.

Completing any payroll journals

If you run payroll we will post the correct journals each month.

Access to our secure online portal

We are cloud based and you get access to our secure online portal making it easier for you to share documents with us, saving you time and giving you peace of mind everything is secure.

Book Clean Up

We can help bring your books up-to-date and get them back into shape - both your physical and computerized records.

Benefits Of Working With Us

N.E. Bookkeeping - Saving You Time & Money

Saving You Time & Money

N.E. Bookkeeping - Increase Business Performance

Increase Business Performance

N.E. Bookkeeping - Remote Working With Xero

Remote Working With Xero

N.E. Bookkeeping - Tailored Service To Your Needs

Tailored Service To Your Needs

N.E. Bookkeeping - Fully Qualified

Fully Qualified

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